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Do you celebrate National Pet Day?

By Coach Road Cottages

April 11, 2022


National Pet Day

Did you know that today, the 11th of April is National Pet Day!

Celebrated annually National Pet Day is your chance shower your critters with love and celebrate them for all the happiness they bring into your life. It is an all inclusive day to shine the light on pets great and small.

Regardless of whether you have furry, feathered or scaley friends, this day is a chance to shine a light on all of them. From the clucking chicken to the braying donkey, National Pet Day is an animal lovefest. It must be said that this event is also used to raise awareness of the plight of many animals, and to encourage everyone to adopt and not shop when bringing a pet into your life.

The history of National Pet Day

National Pet Day was started in 2006 by Colleen Paige a animal welfare advocate. Paige wanted to raise awareness of the number of animals living in shelters waiting for their forever home. Rather than finding a breeder and getting a designer pet she encouraged heading to your local shelter or rescue and adopting one of the many lovely animals looking for a loving home.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

At Coach Road Cottages, we believe that if you want to bring your pet along for your holiday or trip you absolutely should! This is why all our accommodation is pet friendly whether it is exploring the North Down coastal path while staying at Ninety Seven or taking your dog for a run around the field in the rurally located Annex.

We will be celebrating our National Pet Day with our motley crew of Tadzio, Charlie, Sophia and the chickens spoiling them a little. Taking the dogs Charlie and Tadzio out for a fun walk on the beach, giving Sophia a good brush (which is no small task), and showering the ladies with their favourite, corn!!

So what can you do to celebrate!

There is so many ways for you and your pet to get involved in National Pet Day. The most obvious is to adopt! If you have space, time and the means to welcome a pet into your life, why not head to your local rescue and give an animal a chance. Our local animal sanctuary Assisi has been serving the community for many years and a fabulous organisation to support.

Which brings me to the next option why not support a shelter, rescue or sanctuary, many of these charities rely on donations from the community. This does not have to be money, they often appreciate donation of toys, food or blankets as they are much needed and appreciated.

If you have an animal in your life already why not celebrate them on the 11th of April by having a photoshoot! Then you can share your furry friends on social media and use the #NationalPetDay so we can all share your joy. Even when it is not National Pet Day we can often be found posting pictures of our creatures so why not give us a like or a follow on Instagram or Facebook to see more

All our pet friends enjoying life!

I hope you have a great day with your animal pals wherever you are in the world and we look forward to seeing all your pictures online!

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